Interested in starting a blog or a business?

Looking to turn your dreams into reality?

Have questions about increasing your social media presence online?

Interested in becoming a wedding planner?

Need a mentor?


If this sounds like you, then we need to connect!


I am always interested in sharing my knowledge and expertise with women who are looking to take it to the next level.


Here are 6 ways I can share my knowledge and expertise with you!



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1. Wedding Planning Coach and Mentorship Program  6 weeks/475.00

6 week mentorship program for  new wedding planners  that are just starting out or experienced planners that need to revamp their business plan.  Let me share the knowledge I have acquire throughout the years as a certified wedding planner and blogger. I will help you revamp or build the foundation for starting a successful wedding planning business. 

Mentorship can be customized depending on your needs.  

Mentorship participation is limited – only a limited amount of people will be accepted.

Mentorship Program includes:

  • 20 minute introduction & assessment conversation  where we discuss your strengths, weakness, business goals, and business needs
  • Five (5) 60 minute sessions via phone , Facebook messenger, or Google Hangout
  • 15 minute phone calls between sessions
  • Access to Secret Facebook group where can continue to ask questions beyond the program
  • Email access for updates or questions between session Discuss topics such as  creation of a sales and consultation process, tools to wedding planning, marketing strategies, building a social media following, Blogging for business,  Timeline & wedding logistics, dealing with vendors, brides, and bride’s family.

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2. Wedding Planning Coach and Mentor. (One-on-one) 90-minute session/175.00

As an experience-wedding planner, I will share all the knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. Regardless of your stage in the business, I will help to enhance your business or give you the skills to start a wedding planning business.   This is the perfect time to pick my brain and to ask whatever you want. We will discuss topics such as Industry secrets & tips, Setting up your business, Client Experience, Marketing, Wedding cultures, How to execute wedding events and etc. My goal is to meet you where you are in your business stage and to help you take it to the next level.

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3. Social Media and Branding Session (One-on-One) 90 minutes/ 175.00

Are you a business in need of digital direction? Looking to pick my brain? Then this session is perfect for the business owner who needs to make a presence on social media. I can teach you the skills to reach your customers and increase your traffic.

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4. Small Business Coach (One-on-One) 90 minutes/ 175.00

Are you a creative looking to start your own business? In this session, I will help you strategize, find resources, outline the structure of your business, and bring your vision into reality.

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5. Monthly Webinars

The perfect opportunity for business owners to gain access to what I know and I engage with me online. Each webinar will cover a different topic. Webinars will be held every month. Subscribe to The Pretty Brown Bride to be updated on our events and educational opportunities


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6. DIY Wedding Course (Coming soon)

Our set of wedding courses will be perfect for the bride or wedding vendor is interested in learning the ins and outs of the wedding industry. Sign up here for instant access to my wedding course when it launches.

How it works:

Once you purchase a coaching session, I will send you a questionnaire. If you’re local, we can meet in person for your coaching sessions. If you’re not local, we can connect via phone or virtually on Facebook video, Google hangout, and face time.



Any Questions? Please use this form to contact me! Thanks!

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