Multicultural Wedding : Vibrant Wedding From Altar Image Photography

Hello Lovelies!

I truly love color! I believe that the very best weddings  have the best color combination. By creating a great color palette , you can evoke feelings of happiness, excitement, or love in your guests! Colors help set the mood in a wedding. Brides should be very careful in the colors they select. Colors impact how we feel. If you want excitement choose a vibrant colors. If your going for romance, blush is always a great choice. Either be sure to create a  color scheme that reflects the mood you want.  I just love the colors that this Ali & Kho selected.  By choosing bright and fun colors, there is no way a guest left their wedding unhappy!   Congrats to Ali & Kho!

Please enjoy this vibrant wedding from Altar Image Photography.   This wedding is a second part of the feature  A Bengali Holud. This beautiful multicultural wedding will be sure to brighten up your day!  Please Enjoy!

Congrats to Ali & Kho!



Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8677_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8673_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8671_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8669_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8668_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8665_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8663_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8601_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8750_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8626_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8681_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG7413_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG7476_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG7542_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG7623_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG7625_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8221_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8123_0_lowAli_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8498_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8516_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8478_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8397_0_low Ali_Kho_AltarImagePhotography_IMG8280_0_low

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