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 Hello Lovelies!
There is nothing I enjoy more than a well planned vacation! Whether your planning your honeymoon or just a romantic getaway! Don’t Trip…Just Travel is a great travel agent to you assist you with your travel needs!
1. Tell us about your business.
 I am a travel consultant (agent) with my own full service travel agency.
2. What inspired you to start your business?
I’ve been in the travel business for more than 25 years. I used to work for big companies like American Express and AAA as an agent until my husband, who I met while I worked in hotels, convinced me to work for myself.
3. What services do you provide?
I’m a full service travel consultant that specializes in Destination Wedding and Honeymoon travel. I’m a certified expert in many of the top honeymoon and destination wedding spots around the world, especially, the Caribbean Islands where I have arranged travel for many of my clients and their wedding guests who just happen to be people of color from the DC area. I’m actually located in California in the San Francisco Bay Area but most of my client base is from the east coast.
4. How can your services add to a wedding?
My services play a significant role in the couple actually being able to have the wedding since I arrange all of the travel aspects of getting them and their invited guests to and from the destination of the wedding. Most of the couples then stay at the resorts I help them pick for their wedding and honeymoon as well and sometimes the guest do stay and make the entire event into a wedding/honeymoon/vacation for all involved. I also don’t charge fees for my services either.
5. What’s your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of this aspect of what I do is helping couples find a destination to have their wedding or honeymoon at a place that fits within their budget and then taking the burden off of them in personally making all the travel arrangements and keeping on top of them for all of their guests if its a destination wedding or  honeymoon for the couple so they can worry about other things pertaining to their event. I take away one headache that can become a nightmare for those trying to do it without the knowledge and experience I bring to the table.
6. What advice can you give brides planning a wedding?
Don’t try and do things alone or without the proper knowledge and experience a professional may be able to offer for one of the most important events in your life. The experience should be the most enjoyable one you can possibly have when starting a new life with someone you love.
7. How far in advance should a bride book your services
For a destination wedding at least six months in advance is ideal and for honeymoons at least a month in advance to take advantage of some of the deals I may be able to get.
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