Types of Weddings: Outdoor vs. Indoor weddings

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Whether your dream is to be married beachside or in a banquet hall, there are important factors to consider.  Indoor and Outdoor weddings can be equally beautiful, but each have a group of factors to consider.   Some factors can have a huge impact on your wedding day.  When deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding,  brides should take time to examine all the possible issues that could arise and  have a  negative impact on their wedding day.  Here is a list of the pros and cons of an outdoor  and indoor wedding:



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1. Brides can save on their decor budget

 One of the perks of an outdoor wedding, is the scenic background . Brides have the ability to choose an exceptionally beautifully location, which will allow them to save on their decor budget.  There is no need to add too much to the natural beauty.

2. Great lighting

Depending on the time of day, brides have access to beautiful natural lighting. There is nothing better than saying “i do” under a beautiful sunset. ¬†Not to mention great lighting is a wedding photographer’s dream. The photographer will be able to effortless capture the beauty in your ceremony.



Unpredictable weather

1. ¬†Bad weather can have the most negative impact on an outdoor wedding. ¬†Weather can be extremely unpredictable. You may think “oh its june, it hardly ever rains” . But on your special day , it just might. ¬†Rain can easily wipe out all your wedding plans. ¬†Not only can rain be an issue, but also heat. High temperatures can create an uncomfortable and unbearable experience for your guests

2. Bugs

Insects can  create an uncomfortable environment for your guests.

3. Lack Of Electric outlets

Some outdoor locations lack access to electricity. This can be extremely problematic. Electricity is needed for music and microphones.

4. Uncontrollable noise

Brides often forget that an outdoor weddings means outdoor noises. By having an outdoor wedding, you can’t control the sound. Traffic, car horns, and chatter can be disruptive to your wedding.

5. Need for a Plan B and Stress

Outdoor weddings tend to be a bit more stressful to brides because they are consistently worrying about all the elements beyond their control that can happened. Brides are also forced to create a plan b in case something should go wrong.







1.  Wedding can be held rain or shine

Unless it is a natural disaster, ¬†bad weather won’t ruin your day . You can still carry on with your indoor wedding. ¬†Indoor weddings are a safer choice.

2. You control the sound

Indoor weddings have more control over the sound and space.



1. Decor budget is increased

Since you don’t have a natural scenic background, you are responsible for creating a beautiful space, which can be costly.

2. Higher costs

Rental facilities fill up pretty quickly. Banquet halls or hotels are in high demand and can be costly.

What is your wedding plans? Indoor or Outdoor?

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