The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: A guide to planning the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner.


The Pretty Brown Bride's : The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: A guide to planning the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner.

What is a rehearsal dinner?

A rehearsal dinner is a pre- wedding event which takes  place usually the night before the wedding immediately after the rehearsal.


Who is invited?

Anyone has a role in the wedding ceremony should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. The guest list should include the following:


• Members of the wedding party

• Both sets  of parents and grandparents


•Wedding planner

• Children of the bride & groom

• Siblings of bride & groom

• Parents of ring bearer and flower girl

• Spouses of bridal party


Who hosts the dinner?

Traditionally, the grooms parents are responsible for hosting the rehearsal dinner. However, it is not unusual for  the couple , both sets of parents, or the parents of the bride to host the rehearsal dinner.


What happens during the dinner?

Since a rehearsal dinner may be the first time both sets of families meet, couples use this time to relax, unwind, connect, and celebrate the joining of two families. A rehearsal dinner , is an event filled with many speeches, heartfelt toasts , and the exchange of sentimental gifts.  Some family members may wish to give toasts welcoming their new family.  Couples will use this time to exchange gifts  to the bridal party and their families. Couples will use  this time to thank  their family and friends for their support and help with the wedding.


What type of venue?

Since a rehearsal dinner is an intimate affair where guests may wish to give toasts and share stories. The dinner  should take place at a beautiful, comfortable, quiet place. Rehearsal dinners are best held at private homes, backyards, and a private room in a restaurant.

Great type of rehearsal themes

• Luau

• Barbecue

• Clambake

• Family style dinner




Who is hosting your rehearsal dinner?

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