The City Socialite Themed Bridal Shower: A couple’s bridal shower for the fast-paced, action-packed, adventurous, trendy couple on the go


The Pretty Brown Bride's: The City Socialite themed Bridal shower


The City Socialite themed bridal shower is the perfect bridal shower for the bride/couple who values experiences more than physical objects. Give the honored guests the gifts that keep on giving way beyond the wedding day.  Shower your bride/couple with  passes, tickets, and gift cards  for great things they can do together.


The Setting

This shower should be hosted in  the evening . Choose a dimlit space like  a private room of a restaurant  or a lounge.


The Mood:

Fun , Trendy, sexy, and swanky



Order  an array of fun finger foods like Sushi or Tapas to share



Create two signature drinks with the bartender. Drinks should reflect the couple. Use the couple’s favorite drink as inspiration. One drink to respresent the bride and the other drink to represent the groom.



Decorate the table with a bouquet  of flowers and lit candles



Mini cupcakes





  1. Meet me in the city”

Create a calendar for the upcoming year. Allow guests to mark off  a date on the calendar . W rite their name on a index card .  the day they want to meet , and the activity they would love to do with the couple. By the time the party ends the couple will have a calendar filled with fun activities.


     2. Two Truths and Lie

Have guest sit in a circle.  Allow each guest to write down three statements on a index card. The statements should all be about the couple. Two of the statements should be true and one should be a lie. Each person will take turns reading the cards. The person who can guests the most lies, win.



Shower the couple with dinner vouchers, spa gift certificates, gift cards, concert tickets,  and sports tickets



customized shot glasses with a portrait of the couple on it.




What’s your bridal shower theme?



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