1.   Tell us about your business. 
Wedding By Kurtis Cross ~ Professional Wedding DJ.  I partner with couples to produce a fabulous musical score to the most important day of their life.  Their wedding celebration is a day that they should remember for all the right reasons.  With 25+ years of experience, each couple represents another opportunity to craft their day, in their way!
2.   Whats your favorite genre of music?
I truly have no favorite genre of music.  I find that in keeping my taste open to all music, I am better able to provide my clients with their vision for a great celebration.
3.   What services do you provide?
At the heart of what I do is providing each couple with a professional wedding DJ/MC for their big day.  This includes, their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.  Along the way, we provide each couple with a custom approach to delivering the day of their dreams.  So, in a nutchell, I provide professional DJ services, lighting & planning.
4.   How does your services add to a wedding? 
The experience of Weddings By Kurtis Cross is something that each couple appreciates.  Having been in the wedding business since 1986, I’ve learned to create each couple’s wedding day with a passion that is unmatched.  Each wedding is one day, one dream come true for my couples.  How do I add to that magic?  I produce the perfect day each and every time.
5.   Whats your favorite part of the job? 
Each year, I look to define what I love about my career.  And each year, it truly comes back to the same philosophy… I love helping each couple celebrate their love on the most important day of their life.  It simply gets no better!
6.   Do you have a standard playlist? 
To have a standard playlist (in my opinion) would be to suggest that each couple is the same and will want their wedding celebration crafted in the same manner as every other couple.  For this reason, I certainly do not have a set/standard playlist.  I partner with each couple over weeks & months to design their playlist in a manner that allows the energy to build & sustain throughout their reception.  I get to know each couple.  I want to know what’s on their workday playlist, their ipod and what the soundtrack of their life is.  By getting to know each couple’s taste, this will allow me to build a playlist specific to them, thus.. creating a great vibe from cocktail hour to dinner to dancing.
7.   Do you allow brides to create their own playlist? 
Absolutely.  I believe each couple should have as much input on their music as they would like.  After all, it is their day!
8.   What is your advice for brides? 
My advice for each couple can be found on my Blog…  Just Click Here for a great read!
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September 25, 2015

Wedding DJ: Meet Kurtis Cross

1.   Tell us about your business.  Wedding By Kurtis Cross […]