Pic of the day: A sassy bride from Lavishly Lux Studio

Hey Lovelies!

Today’s Pic of the day comes from a Dusty Blue & Red Urban Glam Styled  Shoot from Lavishly Lux Studio. Please enjoy and share! This bride is a true beauty!

__LavishlyLuxStudio_Event1013PlanoWeddingVenueUrbanDallas7170_0_low__LavishlyLuxStudio_Event1013PlanoWeddingVenueUrbanDallas7214_0_low__LavishlyLuxStudio_Event1013PlanoWeddingVenueUrbanDallas7219_0_low __LavishlyLuxStudio_Event1013PlanoWeddingVenueUrbanDallas7229_0_low


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