How to plan a Moroccan theme bridal shower

Shower your bride with a celebration of all things colorful!  Nothing brings happiness like a fun atmosphere and vibrant colors!
 Here is our guide to  planning  a  fun Moroccan theme bridal shower:
The Pretty Brown Bride : How to plan a Moroccan theme bridal shower

Mood: Fun, trendy, artistic, creative and exotic


Setting: Night time  at home or a dim lit party space


Food:  Create a menu of Kefta meatballs,  Mechoia,  chicken Tangine with preserved lemons and olives in ginger sauce, and  Green salad with olive oil.


Drinks: Mint tea and Fig Thyme Cocktail


Activities: Toilet Paper Wedding Dress  ( Moroccan Style)

1. Purchase different  color crepe streamer  ( purple, pink, red, gold, and orange)

2. Pair up guests

3. One guests has to dress the other in the crepe streamer

4. The  goal is to create a wedding dress.

5. The one with the best dress, wins


Gifts:  Shower the bride nighties, undies,  and erotic books


Favors: As a parting gift, give guests  small scented colorful candles, bath salts, body scrubs, and home fragrances.



1. Dim the lights

2. Use light fragranced  Jasmine candles

3. Drape the couches with vibrant colored sheets ( red, purple, pink, orange, gold)

4.Make sure you choose an invitation that goes with the Moroccan theme.

5. Encourage guests to dress in vibrant colors. Give a prize to the best dressed and most creative  lady.

6. Play Moroccan music in the background . ( Chaabi)
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