Destination wedding: How to plan a destination wedding that your guest will love!



Destination weddings can be fun or burdensome. It can be an unforgettable moment or a financially stressful moment. it just depends on how you plan it.  When choosing to have a destination wedding, it is important that couples consider their guests. Since you are  expecting your guests to spend a hefty amount of change to attend your event, you have to keep them in mind while planning your event. Here are 5 things you can do to ensure your guest are happy!


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  1. Choose a fun resort

It is important to choose the right type of resort for your guests. you know your guests. if you guests is more family focused, then a kind friendly resort could work. If your guests is comprised of friends and young couples who desire fun, then you could benefit from an activity filled with resort with an amazing pool. Know your guests. There is no better selling point to a destination wedding than a fun beachside resort  with a lazy river. These type of amenities will be sure to excite your guests.  Make sure there are amazing amenities. When you arrive at the resort for your wedding, you will be very busy  with last minute details. By choosing an awesome resort, you don’t have to worry about entertaining your guests.  Your guests can take advantage of the resorts amenities and entertain themselves.


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  1. Give your guest time

Everyone isn’t on your schedule. Your engagement although a great time for you, maybe an awful time for your guests. Try to keep this in mind when deciding on a date for a destination wedding. You maybe someone who is financially prepared to attend a destination wedding in a month, but your friends may not be able to go away on vacation that quickly. Keep this in mind and create a timeline that gives guests a reasonable amount of time to prepare for.  You don’t want restrictions such as kids, work, and finances to  prevent your guest from attending your wedding, give guests 6 to 12 months notice of your plans . Create a website and have all details ironed out  before mentioning your wedding or sending out invites . This can be very helpful to guests.

  1. Plan an affordable trip

know your friends. Choose an affordable setting and hotel . Don’t just consider your finances , consider theirs.  Make attempts to save money every step of the way.


  1. Treat your guests

I am a true believer that destination weddings should be mutually beneficial . They should be a treat for you and your guests . Choose a location where guests can enjoy themselves . Since your guests have traveled a great distance and spent money to attend your wedding, it’s only right that you find areas where you can pick up the bill. For instance, maybe offer a paid meal , a discounted room rate  , a paid excursion , or transportation to and from the resort. Find a way to show your guests you appreciate them for attending your wedding abroad.


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  1. Welcome bags

Nothing says thank you better, than a very thoughtful welcome bag. Welcome bags are a great way to include some essential items your guest may have forgotten. Pack bags filled with items such as toiletries, aloe vera gel, sunscreen, candy , sunglasses, beach towels, and etc.

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