Product Review: Hask Mint Almond Oil Thickening Hair Care Collection

hask almond oil
Images courtesy of Hask  Mint Almond Oil
The best way to prepare for your wedding day is to start your beauty regimen early. By starting a self care regimen, you can ensure that you look lovely on your wedding day. Hask Almond Oil is the perfect solution to your hair care needs. As a woman with super dry hair, I was so excited to try out Hask Almond Oil. Hask Almond is the perfect blend to help my dry and thin hair. After consistently using the product for two weeks, I witnessed a huge difference in my hair texture . My hair seemed more voluminous and moisturized. I was happy with the product, I even used it on my kids hair. Its was perfect for their naturally coiled curls.  The Mint Almond oil conditioner left their hair shiny , soft ,and full.
What I love most about this product, is that is is Paraben free with a high content of omega fats, vitamin e, magnesium, and almond oil – all essential ingredients for beautiful hair!

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