Destination Wedding: An Exquisite Weed Wedding in Jamaica


When it comes to weddings, I always say make sure it’s reflective of you and your boo! To each it’s own! Check this lovely destination wedding below! See if you can figure out the unique and entertaining little details that they incorporated into their big day!

Thank you Manuela Stefan Photography for sharing these lovely images!


Inspired by the breathtaking Cliffside beach views of the Caribbean Sea, lush Jamaican flowers and sensational sunsets of Borghinvilla. The aesthetic wasn’t compromised and our couple was able to have an elegant destination wedding while enjoying the legal limits of marijuana in Jamaica. Incorporating a few items allowed this couple to enjoy a touch of Marijuana in the bouquet, boutonniere, potted plants, cake, pipes and even a Ganja Rolling Station.

The legal cannabis market is thriving. Increased legalization in the US, Europe. Although Jamaica has been known for its cannabis production, it wasn’t until the decriminalization recently that has opened the doors for a Weed Wedding in Jamaica.


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