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One the first steps to planning a great anniversary party, is choosing an exceptional photographer. For me, a wedding photographer is essential to a momentous occasion. There is no point in planning a great event, if there isn’t the best photographer present to capture it! The right photographer can use their vision and expertise to effortlessly capture those perfect moments. Having this in mind while planning my anniversary party, I was determined to find the right photographer for the job, and therefore I chose Megapixels Media to capture my perfect day!  With their innovative journalistic style, I knew that Megapixels Media would be the perfect photographer to document my anniversary party.


Behind the cameras of Megapixels Media is Garrett & Megan Pitts, a husband and wife duo.



Megan & Garrett proud themselves on being fearless, personable and professional photographers passionate about building relationships and creating unforgettable wedding experiences.  Megan & Garrett are in love with capturing life-changing moments and crafting images that are dream-worthy, charismatic and something that will last forever.


Megapixels Media have a distinct style of light bending, bold use of color with the connection of texture and patterns.


Megapixels Media is a local photographer located in the Baltimore area.  Megapixel Media provides photography services to love stories all over the world. So, if you’re not local, they’re just a flight away and their passports are ready to go!


Inspired by their brand, and excited by their work, I know that Megapixel Media is the best vendor for My Big Fat 10-year anniversary party!



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