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Tips & Advice: The 5 Type Of Guests You Should Take Off Of Your Guest List.


Not inviting someone to your wedding can be a difficult thing to do, but sometimes it is a must do ! Creating a guest list is the most crucial and difficult task in the wedding planning process. Engaged couples find it difficult to decide who to cut or who to keep.  The ultimate goal is to create a perfect ensemble  of loved ones to share in your special day. In order to do this some couples must trim the fat from the meat – meaning some people simply must go!

Here is a list of the 5 different type of guests you should exclude from your wedding:


1) Plus Ones

As soon as your single friends hear of your engagement, they immediately start to look for a date to accompany them to your wedding. This is exactly why plus ones are a no no! Weddings are a time for people who know , love and care for the engaged couple to come and share in their day. It is pointless to have someone present at your wedding who doesn’t know you and your fiance. Now is not the time to meet.  By allowing someone who barely  knows you to attend your wedding, you prevent the opportunity for you or your fiancee to invite a close relative or friend.

The General rule of thumb  is if your married  or living together , you can bring a guest. Guest who are in a known relationship should be able to bring a guest to the wedding.  Single family members definitely should come alone, they have family to keep them company. No point in bringing a stranger to the wedding day.  Seat your  unattached guests at a table where they can mingle with other singles.


2) Long- Lost friends or family

It almost never fails , that your in-laws or parents will try to invite family members who have never met you or your fiance. Inviting long last relatives or friends is a bad idea.  Guests who you have not seen or heard from in the last decade have no business at your wedding. A wedding is an intimate affair. It is not the time to reunite.


3) Exes

Just because your fiance approves of your friendship with your ex, doesn’t mean they have a place at your wedding.  Although, you may both be comfortable with it, there are other guests who may not.  Their presence at your wedding , may stir up drama, awkwardness, and unresolved feelings. Relatives who befriended your ex when you were together, may find it uncomfortable to mingle with them at your wedding.


4) Boss

Never mix business with pleasure. Your boss maybe the best boss on the planet now, but chances are they wont always be your boss. The relationship may change. The last thing you would want is to invite them and have them apart of your special day and years later look back at that day and have regret, because they fired you shortly after.

5) Known Problem Guests

Don’t invite the uncontrollable family member who drinks more than they should  or the unpredictable friend who randomly starts drama with anyone to your wedding.  Not inviting them may seem harsh. But this is a precaution you must take. If they have a history of misbehaving at other events, you have no choice.  Unless you can afford some body guards, its best you not invite them.  These type of people have showed you who they are before, so believe them.

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