Honeymoon Season: How to choose swimsuits for your body type





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Its June!  Summer is upon us.  If you’re like me than you are fearing the dreaded swim season. You  have already began to panic and obsess about getting into shape in time for the summer. But to add to your pressure you’re getting MARRIED …so your honeymoon is rapidly approaching!  You have been dieting, hitting up the gym, and doing the squat exercise challenges on face book, but nothing seems to work. You have barely noticed any changes and haven’t loss any weight.  If this you, we have the perfect solution for you.

We have created the ultimate guide to help you choose a great swimsuit.

 Instead of beating yourself up over your lack of progress, we encourage you to love yourself and play up your strengths! Check out our guide and choose a suit that is sexy, fun, and flattering!




  1. The Pear shape

For the bottom heavy ladies, we suggest choosing a swim style where the top portion of the baiting suit is sparkly or provides a design that detracts from your lower  half. The goal is to divert all attention from your bottom to your bust. bloomingdalespearshape pearshapenm        

 courtesy  of Bloomingdales , Neiman Marcus

Tips: Baiting suits with an empire waistline can be your best friend

2. The Boyish figure

For these ladies, we suggest choosing a swim suit with a sweet heart neckline or halter top. The sweetheart neckline or halter will hug the busts together and create cleavage. Ultimately giving the illusion of curves.  Also ruffles or skirt bottoms help to create the illusion of hips


boyfigure2 asos boyfigure1t







Tips: padded tops push up bras, and v necks are your best friend

images courtesy of www.figleaves.com and www.asos.com

3. Short torso

For the ladies with a short torso. We suggest choosing swim styles which will elongate your waistline.  Halters and Plunging necklines are the best swim style for you. The Halter and plunging neckline draws attention to your top while creating the appearance of a longer torso. armBelk   6pmcomshort

courtesy of www.6pm.com, www.belk.com

Tip: One pieces, empire waistline, swim suits with ruching on the sides all are great options for you

4. Big arms

For the lady who would love to draw attention away from her arms, we suggest you choose a suit with wide straps in a halter or deep v neck swim style. The goal is to draw attention to your bust instead of your arms. You can do this by choosing suits with designs on the bust.  This will lessen the focus on your arms     NMbigarms   bloomingdales,bigarmsx                   www.neimanmarcus.com, www.bloomingdales.com


Tip: Never wear suits with fancy straps. This will draw attention to your arms. Also, choose suits with wide straps; stay clear of thin strap suits


5. Short legs

Play up your strength and lengthen your legs by choosing a suit with a lounging neckline and high cut bottoms. The high cut bottom will create a sexier longer leg. NM-shortlegspopulartopsshortlegsf      

courtesyof www.neimanmarcus.com, www.populartops.com


Tips: Stay clear of skirted bottoms or boy shorts, they will shorten your legs.


6. The Tummy For the ladies who have more tummy than they would like, we suggest choosing a one piece with deep plunging necklines, side shirring, or an empire waistline. The goal is to choose styles that will minimize the waist. Empire waistlines and shirring sides hugs the waists and creates the illusion of a slimmer midsection.  The deep plunging necklines direct the attention to the bust instead of the tummy area.. All these styles will create an appearance of a smaller tummy. orchidboutiquetummy   tummyvenus      

www.orchidboutique.com, www.venus.com

Tip: Stay away from high rise bottoms and never choose a suit that is too tight across the midsection  



7. Large bust

Support! Support! Support!! Good support is the key.  It’s important to choose a suit that will lift and position your bust in a flattering way. Choose a suit with a great underwire and wide straps. Choosing a suit with great lift and support can lift and create a slimming effect. It will help you to create a more flattering appearance.   freyalargeherroom venus rainbowunderwire


www.herroom.com, www.venus.com


8. Small Bust

For the ladies who wish they had a just a little more on top, we suggest you choose a swim style which focuses solely on the bust. Choose tops with ruffles, suits with ruching on the bust area, or choose a top with padding. All these swim styles are excellent in creating more volume in the bust area.  haparirufflesmallbustlargodrivelittle








courtesy of www.hapari.com, www.largodrive.com


TIP: Suits with padding or a pushing up effect can be your best friend. They can help to add to your silhouette

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Honeymoon Season: How to choose swimsuits for your body type

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