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Please enjoy this lovely real wedding from Samantha Clarke Photography!


Description from photographer, Samantha Clarke:

Ottawa is one stunning place to live and get married. It’s like a fairy-tale land in the summer with it’s lush greenery and stunning architecture. Roslyn and Yves are not just a gorgeous couple, but they’re genuine and lots of fun. They were flawless and absolutely laid back as their long awaited wedding day unfolded. The impeccable day began with more energy than I can describe. With that much love and joy, it was only natural that every detail was given lots of attention and really reflected Roslyn and Yves’ sense of simple and elegant style. Their nuptials will definitely be one that will be remembered and talked about by their family and friends for decades to come!

Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding8_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding10_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding10_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6432_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6486_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6444_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6438_low

Description from the wedding planner, The Moment Event Planning & Design:

We spent most of the morning with the bride and her girls. A morning of laughs let me tell you. They started out pretty quiet but once they all really woke up the fun began. I got to hear all the stories about how they all met and all kinds of funny stories they reminisced about while getting ready. Hair, makeup, dresses and rockin’ shoes.

Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6979_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6858_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6848_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding7169_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6731_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6589_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6583_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding79_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6967_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6823_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6527_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6501_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding6499_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding66_low

It was a long day. Thank goodness I had a stellar crew on site that day at the Hilton Lac Leamy, I would have been lost without them. And thank goodness the service providers we worked with that day were equally stellar. The photographer, Samantha Clarke, captured the day so well. A wedding party can make or break your day. The crew Roslyn and Yves had standing with them truly loved them and did everything they could to make sure their day was perfect. And provided a great deal of laughter for everyone involved, including us. And I have to say, one of my favourite moments of the whole day had to be their entrance into the reception. I have never seen a wedding dance like these guys. Loved it! I think what I love the most about this moment in the day is that everyone finally gets to relax and truly enjoy the party. The formalities are all done and now all they have to do is eat and party! Roslyn and Yves had cultural dancers perform at the reception. It was such a great addition to an already great event.

Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding29_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding20_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding129_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding84_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding79_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding75_low Roslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding71_lowRoslyn_Yves_Samantha_Clarke_Photography_yvesroslynwedding7169_low

And finally my last favourite piece of this wedding, Roslyn and Yves. Both were such a pleasure to work with and I want to thank them for allowing us to be a part of their wedding day. We wish them all the best in their future together.

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