Hello Lovelies!

Today, we have a two part feature. This is part one of this gorgeous event. Please enjoy this enchanted wedding ceremony from Altar Image Photography!

From the Bride:

For the Holud, my parents actually built the altar by hand. My dad is super crafty. My mother decorated it with her saris and flowers from Michaels. The Holud ceremony is a traditional Indian blessing ceremony. The word “Holud” means “yellow”, thats why they put tumeric paste on our faces (it’s suppose to give you a glow on your wedding day. We are fed fruit/sweets by everyone for a lifetime of love and prosperity. Ted and I met at a club ( of course). We didn’t speak much that day, but we did have a small conversation over a drink. He really sparked my interest so I asked our mutual friend to invite him out to dinner with us. The night of the dinner we spoke for hours and really bonded over our shared music interests. That night, he asked me to lunch and we’ve been together ever since.

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