Hello Lovelies!

Some proposals are beautiful and must be shared. Please enjoy this rustic fall backyard wedding  and proposal story submitted by Altar Image Photography


How did they meet?

It started in 2004 when Charena sent Melissa an Icebreaker on YAHOO personals. Melissa was uninterested and declined but Charena was persistent.  After chatting for a while, they decided to meet up. After their first date it was apprent to the both of them that they had found their soulmate.

The Proposal story:

Charena was being deployed to Afghanistan and they decided to have a going away party with their closest friends.  They decided to have dinner and a night of miniature golf with friends.  After playing a round of golf, Charena asked if Melissa wanted to play another round. Melissa reluctantly said yes and began to walk away. As Melissa began to walk away, Charena called her name, Melissa turned around to find Charena down on one knee.  Charena asked for Melissa’s hand in marriage. Melissa said yes and all in attendance to began to cry!

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