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One thing I know for sure, is that love can happen at any time or place! Today, I have a sweet love story about a couple whose friendship started in a time of need in a hospital, but flourished into true love. Please enjoy this love story shared from Smash Studios Photography!


How did your meet ?

From the bride:

Lanny and I met in 2011 in the most unlikely of places- a hospital- where his father was recovering from a long illness. I was the charge nurse in his unit, where I met Lanny as he took care of his father. We were very comfortable together. We would attend Sunday services at his family’s church often, where he sang in the choir. We both worked in healthcare, and our families held similar values. During this time, both Lanny’s father and sister died, and we suffered the loss together.


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How did he propose?

I also traveled as a nurse and spent time with my friends, so while we were apart often, we talked 2-3 times a day. While waiting for me to return, Lanny asked my parents for their blessing and purchased a ring, arranging an arrival I’ll never forget. Lanny dropped to a knee when I arrived, singing Lou Rawls’ “Forever I Do”. I cried (very unattractively) while Lanny asked me to marry him. I said “yes” through tears of joy.


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Describe a special moment from your wedding day?

Our wedding was November 7, and was pure magic. We had guests from all over the country join us at the beautiful Cadre Building in downtown Memphis. The emotional exchange of vows highlighted our evening, and we celebrated after with dancing, dining, and singing while mingling late into the night. We could not be more happy or thankful.

Real Wedding on The Pretty Brown Bride

amazing wedding of a couple whose friendship started in a time of need in the hospital but flourished into true love!

Real Wedding on The Pretty Brown Bride

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