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Hello Lovelies!

 Are you ready for the New Year? I know I am ! I am super excited for what this year has in store! I am business geared up and ready to go!
As the year comes to an end, I always find myself evaluating my life and making plans for the upcoming year. I like to reflect on what I have learned and what I have accomplished this year. 
The one thing I learned this year is to ” start before you are ready”.  I always heard this concept but never really understood what it meant. It always seem like something more easily said then done.
 But this year I finally got it!  I finally understood the main reason why you should start before your ready.  I finally understood the importance of just taking the plunge when an idea arose or an opportunity presented itself.
In any given day, I am full of so many ideas that I overthink or over plan for it .  
When I actually attempt to follow through on one of my ideas either one of two things happen, I am successful or unsuccessful but either way I learn from it .
That’s when I realized that the main reason to start before your ready is experience.
The experience, be it good or bad will only help you . If it’s a bad experience then you can reflect and perfect it for the next time.
The most successful business owners have failed ventures and experiences under their belt – but they ended up succeeding because they learned from experience. They were able to apply the skills and knowledge they acquired over time to help them .
The first step is the hardest step! I challenge you to start your journey start before you are  ready!

If your ready to take your journey to the next level or to find out exactly what your journey is click here!

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