Wedding Dress Decoded

What’s your style?

By Sekayi Fernandes



Dear Weddingnistas,

Here is a beautiful Wedding Style Guide that will have any bride ready to walk down the aisle. Congrats from one brown girl to another.


Ball Gown




This type of dress works for all body types but it is ideal for a woman with a smaller bust.

For all the Cinderella girls getting married, this bodice fits close to the body and the waist flairs into seas of flowing fabric. Dresses like this turn any shaped women into a princess for a day.


A-line Dress



According to, “A dress silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Works well on most figure types; good for disguising bottom-heavy figures.”

Pear shaped women rejoice, this dress was made with your body in mind.



Modified A- line Dress




The modified A-line is a special type of dress that gives you a classic A shape but can feature different textures that are  less fitted. This fit is perfect for women with a triangle, pear, and inverted triangle figure.



Trumpet Dress 



  • “Adds feminine curves to a straight figure

  • Offers a well-balanced display of drama and glamour

This dress is a great option for full-figured brides who like the look of the mermaid silhouette, as it offers the perfect balance of curve accentuation and minimization.
Trumpet wedding gowns are less constrictive, and the flare generally starts at about mid-thigh.”

This fit is great for all body types!!!!



Mini Wedding Dress



For all the adventurous girls, this dress is a short, fun, and fabulous toast to life.

Mini gowns where made for women with long legs, but it will fit virtually any figure depending on the style of the dress.



Tea Length Dresses


Are u ladies ready for a summer wedding? Well, this fit sure makes you feel like going on an extended vacation. Perfect for tall women, this dress will accentuate the fun and classy side of any personality.

Ladies don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths when planning your dream wedding.


Mermaid Dress


The mermaid dress is a close fitting bodice that dramatically flares around the knee. This fit perfect for curvy girls because its dramatic flare complements every single curve and accentuates the most beautiful parts of a woman.

I recommend this dress for any woman especially those with curves.


Sheath Wedding Dress



According to, “the sheath dress is named for the way it fits. Just like the word’s dictionary definition of “close-fitting covering or case,” the sheath dress is cut close to the body. The waist is defined. The skirt fits snugly—either straight or like a pencil skirt. Its length is typically at the knee or slightly below or above it. A longer sheath dress is not uncommon, and is often seen in bridal wear and evening gowns.”

I would recommend the sheath dress for a woman with a triangle, inverted triangle, pear or hourglass shape



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