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Tell us about your business. was founded by Canadian Michael Shapiro, a former corporate executive who followed his dream to start a business that incorporated two of his greatest interests:  Judaism and art.  In the Spring of 1996, from his small Toronto apartment, Ketubah Ketubah ( was born – the first online Ketubah specialty store.



What is a Ketubah?

The traditional and historical ketubah is a binding legal document, one which catalogs a husband’s obligations to his wife, and makes provisions for her protection in the event of divorce or her husband’s death. It is a religious analogue to the contemporary pre-nuptial agreement of secular civil law.The ketubah’s multiple sections record the particulars of the wedding (date, names of bride and groom, etc.) and enumerate the groom’s obligations – financial and conjugal – to his bride. Traditionally, the ketubah is not, as many people assume, a contract between husband and wife – neither, in fact, are required to sign the document. It is signed, rather, by two witnesses, who verify that the requisite conditions mentioned have been met by the groom. Another common misconception about the ketubah is that it in some way indicates that a man has purchased his wife, that it is some sort of transfer of property akin to a deed on a piece of land. This is not at all accurate – according to Jewish law there is no such relation of ownership between a husband and wife. The ketubah rather outlines the financial conditions that the groom must satisfy if the couple is to be permitted to undergo the wedding ceremony and become legally married.

How does it add to a wedding?

A traditionally Jewish wedding ritual can now forever capture the hopes and dreams of any couple on their special day. As the wedding photos collect dust on a bookshelf, now, a beautiful work of art can adorn your home for a lifetime…ever reflecting the moment that you and your love united.

Ketubahs offer personally significant fine art pieces that honor the love between two souls, 100 works of art by 20 of the finest artists in the world can be personalized to commemorate weddings, renewals of vows, anniversaries, commitment ceremonies or just a random proclamation of love. takes the beauty of what is a traditional Jewish wedding ritual and allows all couples to incorporate the tradition into their wedding ceremony.

Couples can choose from a wide variety of art…from dramatic landscapes and still lives to colorful decorative styles and abstracts…and can incorporate either any of the site’s # available texts or a text of their choice from their own wedding vows to their favorite love poem or special song lyrics. Searchable by color, shape, artist, theme or popularity, the site will help visitors find the work of art that truly reflects their love.







All are precious works of art, printed in paper or on canvas and inks to last a lifetime. The art work is hand numbered and bears the artist’s signature.

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