Book Review: The Honeymoon Handbook

Happy Wednesday!

Book Review_The pretty brown bride

There are so many things to consider when planning a destination wedding.  Its very important to find the most suitable fun-filled and romantic location.  The Honeymoon Handbook is the go to vacation bible! Anything you want to know about a location, you can find it in this book. I found this book extremely helpful!


I truly love the positive flow and energy of this book!  This book is perfectly organized and informative. All the information is relative and useful. I love how the book categorizes the perfect travel spots for certain groups.   There are categories such as “ Top five wild life –Lovers honeymoons” , “ Top familymoons” , and “Top five LGBT honeymoons”.  The Honeymoon Handbook  makes it easy to find the perfect vacation location for any occasion. This is a very helpful way to identify the most suitable location for certain groups. The authors do all the work for you by pinpointing areas that may cater to the needs or amenities of certain groups. Not only does the  The Honeymoon handbook provide honeymoon information, but also provides information on destination wedding planning. The authors provides tips and information that are  useful when preparing to marry abroad.


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