5 Wedding Rules to Break in 2017

photography courtesy of Ben Kiruthi


Hello Lovelies!

There are many cherished wedding traditions and customs, but if you feel like they can be a big snooze, you’re not alone. Now that the new year is here, it’s time for a change. Derrick Valenti, wedding planner for the Warwick Allerton Chicago, shares a few wedding “rules” that need to be thrown out the window this year.  Check them out below!

No. 1 Rule to Break: Wearing a White Wedding Dress
This is a tired tradition that needs to be put to rest. If you want a nontraditional wedding day ensemble, a big trend this year is cropped separates with a bright, bold top paired with an elegant bottom.

No. 2 Rule to Break: Matching Bridesmaid Dresses
Save yourself and your friends the pressure of trying to find the perfect bridesmaid dress that looks great on everyone — it’s impossible. It’s likely they have different skin tones, body shapes and budgets. If you’re set on having a particular color, let your friends pick out a dress in a similar hue that looks good on them and priced within their means.

No. 3 Rule to Break: Multiple Parties Leading Up to the Wedding

Ditch the engagement party, bridal shower and bachelorette party for one pre-wedding blowout. Plan for this to take place a couple months before you tie the knot. Not only is this a huge time and money saver, but eliminates a large load of stress for you.

No. 4 Rule to Break: Sticking to a Budget
You need to stop stressing over the budget, because it’s inevitable that you’re going to spend more than anticipated anyway. Determine a reasonable amount of money you’re willing to spend with your fiance, but don’t over-analyze everything you purchase. This will also help you prioritize what is important and what you really don’t need to have.

No. 5 Rule to Break: Wedding Favors
Instead of handing out small bags of monogrammed M&M’s to guests as they leave, why not give something even more meaningful? For something that would really touch the heart, consider making a small donation to a local charity in each guest’s name.

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