Wedding advice: 3 Things to do when groom’s parents aren’t financially contributing, but have a lot to say!

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It is very common for brides to find themselves in this situation. During the wedding planning process , you will come in contact with the opinions of many different people who aren’t financially contributing to the wedding.  In most cases, its  very easy to ignore the opinions of others , but when its your future in laws, you have to be considerate and extremely diplomatic!



Here are some tips to help you tackle this issue!

1. Lean on your fiancé

If they disagree on any wedding related details and has suggestions, use your fiancé for support.  Simply say “ We both like it this way “ or “ This is how we always envisioned it”


2. Limit wedding conversation

This can be a bit tricky.  Don’t isolate your future in laws . Discuss the wedding with them, but don’t ask their opinion on any suggestions or issues that may cost you money.  Give them general information.


 3. Redirect their attention

Steer their attention towards the details of the wedding that you are comfortable with.  Allow them to assist with the seating chart, allow them to create the guest list for the groom’s side of the family, and to be the person of contact for the groom’s side of the family .


Best of luck!  Love always, The Pretty Brown Bride!

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