12 ways to be a great wedding guest


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I ¬†always discuss the rules and etiquette for ¬†the bride, groom, bridal party, and immediate family members. ¬†I always seems to overlook the biggest group who has the potential to cause the most problems, wedding guests. Wedding guests are essential to any wedding and there are certain responsibilities that come with being a guest at a wedding, here are some etiquette tips to consider…


  1. Bridal Suite is off limits!

We completely understand that the bride is your favorite niece and you have travelled far to be apart of the wedding, but unless your invited, stay clear of the bridal suite. Bridal suites are designated for the bride where she , her photographer, and bridal party will get ready for the ceremony. Bridal suites can become quite hectic. So, please resist the urge to pop your head in and say hello. Give the bride her space and seek another time during the day to congratulate her.


  1. Be on time!

Arriving to the ceremony after  the bride has walked down the aisle is a NO NO !  If you arrive late, then you should simply forego the ceremony  all together. Either greet the bride immediately after the ceremony or just attend the reception.  Never attempt to enter the ceremony once it has commenced. No matter how quiet or discreet, you think you may be, guests always  always notice latecomers attempting to find a seat. The last thing you want is to be featured on the wedding video trying to make a late entrance! As a rule of thumb, guests should arrive at a wedding 30 minutes before it is scheduled to start.


3.RSVP on time

Send your response card back asap! So much is depending on your response. Many guests fail to realize the importance of a response card. Your rsvp affects the cake, venue, bar, menu, seat covers, chairs, napkins, and etc. In a wedding budget, everything is priced per person. So you are costing the bride way more than emotional stress responding late or not responding at all.


  1. Stay out of photographer’s way

Back up and watch your flash! Be mindful of the photographer. The bride and groom hired them to capture their wedding day. They are responsible for capturing instantaneous moments or events. Don’t stand in the way of their vision. ¬†Take pictures from a distance ¬†and find an appropriate time to steal a pic!


  1. Drink Responsibly!

A wedding is a time to celebrate, but please know your limit.  Refrain from drinking excessively. There is nothing worse than disrupting  a reception due to your drinking


  1. Dress the part

Wedding dress code can be a bit tricky . Consider the setting, season, and time of day when deciding what to wear. Ladies, never wear white! If the ceremony is in a church, you may want to forego the strapless dress.


  1. Don’t assume kids are invited

If the invitation is unclear, always check with the bride to see if kids are allowed to attend. ¬†Most invitations will state ” adults only reception or cocktail hour”. Never assume kids are invited.


  1. Don’t add on a plus one

Wedding invitations are addressed a certain way for a certain reason. ¬†Don’t assume there is a mistake or oversight. if the invitation reads ” and guest” then you are free to invite someone. If it ¬†only reads your name. Then only you are invited to attend. ¬†Always remember it’s ¬†never personal simply financial!


  1. Don’t Complain

One of the rudest things to do at a wedding is to verbally complain.  This is completely disrespectful. Remember there are a lot of people around you who may hear  what you say. The last thing you want is for them to report back to the bride. Keep your opinions to your self.


  1. Bring a gift

Inviting you to their wedding is costly . Everything is priced at a per person rate. From the seat you take to , to the wedding program, cakes, favors, dinner, and etc, it all adds up.  Shower the couple with a meaningful gift to show your appreciation.


  1. Minimize the chatting

Don’t speak during speeches or ceremony.


  1. Be Seated appropriately

Pay attention. Don’t ¬†sit at the first couple of rows of a ceremony . Those are reserved for family. When at the reception, don’t sit at the tables labeled ¬†reserved.




  1. Tayler says:

    These are great tips!

  2. Kristen says:

    Yes to all of these! These are great! At my wedding SOO many people tried to stop into the bridal suite I literally had to have my dad out in front of it telling people to just go sit for the ceremony!

    • Marquita Goodluck says:

      Oh no ! I don’t think people realize how much of an inconvenience this truly is! Brides need their time to relax and get pretty !

  3. krista says:

    These are all great tips and something I wanted from my guests when we got married!

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