Happy Anniversary to Kibwe & Ashley Hughes!

Images Courtesy of MAD Works Photography



PBB: How did you meet?

Kibwe:  We met through a mutual friends at an event in Washington, DC. She was in a relationship and I was just getting out of one. We exchanged pleseantries but didn’t begin dating seriously for several months after. I was obsessed with her (lol). I found out she was from the same neighborhood where I grew up and felt it was “a sign”.




PBB: Why did you choose Costa Rica as your wedding destination?


Kibwe:  Weddings are a circus, we didn’t want that. We wanted to include loved ones who we were really close with. Having traveled a bit, Costa Rica was a country neither of us experienced. It was relatively close compared to other foreign destinations and it included all the things necessary for our guests to consider it a vacation (beaches, activities, tourism)



PBB: What was the vision/theme of your wedding?


Ashley: I wanted my wedding to be fun! I wanted everyone to have a good time. So I made sure we had good music that everyone loved and good food. You can’t go wrong with those too!


PBB: What was your favorite part of the ceremony ?


 Kibwe: Her reciting her vows to me. It was such a humbling moment to have someone accept you as you are and vow to grow with you. During that part my allergies began to “act up”. LOL 5.


PBB: What was your favorite part of the reception ?


Ashley:  My favorite part of the reception had to be when My husband went around to each person and gave a trait that he thought represented them and shared a little about his relationship with them. I thought that was really special and was a very memorable experience for everyone. Especially since many people don’t get to see that side of him.


 PBB:  What is your advice to future brides ?

 Ashley:  My advice to brides would be to do what makes you happy. It’s your day and you and your fiancé are the only ones that should make the final decisions on your wedding. It seemed like everyone had suggestions on what i “should do” to make my wedding better. I got so many opinions from what type of plates to have at my wedding to the color of my dress. Some people will give good suggestions and others won’t so if someone gives you a suggestion that you don’t agree with, don’t feel bad about not doing it. Also, enjoy the moment because everything goes so fast! I want to go back to Costa Rica!


PBB: Why did you choose the venue?


Kibwe:   The view, the architecture. We had the option of having the ceremony at the hotel where we stayed but we thought it would be much more dramatic to have the wedding off site. It would give our guests an opportunity to get glammed up and take a short trip to the actual ceremony instead of just a trip down the elevator. The ride to the venue is up a steep hill and overlooks the ocean with unobstructed views. It represented the moment quite well.935205_600622483281116_1396059843_n


Images Courtesy of  MAD Works Photography

March 17, 2016

Real Wedding: Happy Anniversary to Kibwe & Ashley Hughes!

 Happy Anniversary to Kibwe & Ashley Hughes! Images Courtesy […]